Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Husband's Secret

A book with a little romance, a little adventure, and a little suspense, that will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what everyone will do!

The Husband's Secret

Summary (Via Goodreads): Imagine that your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death.  Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret - something with the potential to destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others as well.  Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive...

Cecilia Fitzpatrick has achieved it all - she's an incredibly successful businesswoman, a pillar of her small community, a devoted wife and mother.  her life is as orderly and spotless as her home.  But that letter is about to change everything, and not just for her: Rachel and Tess barely know Cecilia - or each other - but they too are about to feel the earth-shattering repercussions of her husband's secret.

Review (4/5 stars):  Now this is how an audio book is performed!  Superb narration!  The 'explicit' scenes are few and far between, but even those were read in a way that didn't make me feel embarrassed to be listening to it.  Well done!

Now, the important stuff....the story line itself. There are a lot of characters in this book and it takes quite some time to fully understand how their lives are interconnected, but when it does happen it's quite satisfying.

I liked all of the characters and the author really fills out every scene perfectly with the internal narrative that each of them has in their own minds. In fact, the thoughts in their heads almost become more important than any actual dialogue spoken.

The perspective of Cecilia and Rachel are especially well done. I can't even begin to imagine living through the life events of either one of these women, but the author gives us insight into their torment in such a beautiful and loving way that makes one feel you can relate.

I almost felt like Tess didn't really need to be part of this drama but in the end her presence, or lack thereof, is key to the climax of the entire book,plus her mother adds just the right amount of humour exactly when it's needed.

What would you do?  If you came across a letter addressed to you that said not to open it unless the writer was dead, could you stop yourself from opening it?  Could you wait?  Leave a comment below~

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