Monday, August 15, 2016

Shaker Bookmarks

Today's creative book craft has a few more steps than most of the other projects we've done, but these Shaker Bookmarks are so pretty, you won't mind a bit.



You'll need:
-wax paper
-double sided scrapbook paper
-sparkly sequins
-scissors (or a cutting knife and mat)
-thread and sewing machine (or you can hand stitch)

1) Cut your paper down to a "bookmark size".

2) Cut your wax paper just a little bigger, slip your paper in between two pieces, and sew 3 sides together.  If you don't have a sewing machine you can hand stitch (try a whip stitch!).

3) Toss your sparkly sequins in through the open side.


4) Sew down the last side, give your bookmark a shake, and it's ready to use!


I usually give my bookmarks away but these turned out so pretty (and sparkly!) that I may just have to keep them for myself!


This is an awesome scrapbuster for all those bits and bobs in your craft closet that you never know what to do with.

Happy Reading...and crafting!

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