About Me

Hi I’m Tamara!

I live in a small city in the middle of nowhere here in Canada.

Yes, this is really where I live!

I’m too old to go dancing in the clubs (I don’t even know if there’s one here anymore), and I’m too young to spend my weekends at the Bingo hall, so instead I load up my time with sewing, crafting, gardening, travelling, and most fun of all…reading.

I often get stuck in a genre for years on end, but I like to break things up now and then by delving into something new.

I love historical fiction.  I overdosed on the Henry VIII years though so I’ve taken a break and now you can usually find me listening to or reading a fun fantastical urban mystery series.

Alongside fictional novels I usually have at least one self-help title on the go.  I’ve been known to pick up biographies and have dipped my toes into the sci-fi pool once or twice too.

I’ve only read one thriller/horror novel and it scared the socks off me so much that I’ve never touched another one.

I don’t really have a preferred method of devouring books but if I’m outside in the garden or at my sewing machine, you can bet that an audio book is playing too.

My garden where I spend a lot of time in that hammock...reading~
I used to post book reviews from time to time over at my crafting/sewing blog, Etcetorize, but Etcetorize Reads will be wholly devoted to everything books.  That includes book reviews, as well as book crafts, ideas for book marks, looking at book cover art, and hopefully somewhere down the line, even some fun giveaways.

I hope you’ll join me as we Etcetorize (adding a little something extra) the book world.

You can find me on Goodreads as Etcetorize.

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