Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Other Typist

Looking for mystery, intrigue, and some sass?  You'll love The Other Typist.

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Summary (via Goodreads):  New York City, 1924: the height of Prohibition and the whole city swims in bathtub gin.

Rose Baker is an orphaned young woman working for her bread as a typist in a police precinct on the lower East Side. Every day Rose transcribes the confessions of the gangsters and murderers that pass through the precinct. While she may disapprove of the details, she prides herself on typing up the goriest of crimes without batting an eyelid.

But when the captivating Odalie begins work at the precinct Rose finds herself falling under the new typist's spell. As do her bosses, the buttoned up Lieutenant Detective and the fatherly Sergeant. As the two girls' friendship blossoms and they flit between the sparkling underworld of speakeasies by night, and their work at the precinct by day, it is not long before Rose's fascination for her new colleague turns to obsession.

But just who is the real Odalie, and how far will Rose go to find out?

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Review (4/5 stars): For some strange reason I didn't write a review on this book when I first read it, but it was good enough that I still remember most of the plot line, and the characters, and that it had me on the edge of my seat throughout much of it.

Rose is the goodie two shoes lead character who I can relate to in too many ways.  Odalie is the naughty secretary we all wish we could be.  She's not scared of anything and because she acts like she doesn't care if you like her or not, you inevitably fall in love with her.

I love how Odalie introduced Rose to the world that was already all around her.  The author successfully recreates the world of the roaring 20's so well that you feel like you're right there.  There's mystery and deception in this book but it's the thrill of Odalie's attitude to fake it till you make it that will get you.  

This book is so well written that it's hard to believe it's a debut. If you want to take a step back in time when life should've been simple, but wasn't, then this is the novel to pick up.

LOL, watch this video to see how kids react to seeing a typewriter for the first time.  

Do you remember when typewriters were considered technology?  I love how the kids in the video are forced to consider what people a hundred years from now will think of all their tech toys.  Which do you prefer to write with?  Pen and paper, typewriter, or computer?  Leave a comment below~

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