Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Imagination Library

Last week I put on my cowboy boots and took a VERY special trip down south so that I could see one of my main musical idols and inspirations....DOLLY PARTON!!!

We had amazing seats but at first my camera had a hard time navigating all the sequins and rhinestones~

Dolly Parton Live

She sang all my favourites plus a few new songs from her new Album "Pure and Simple", which already sound like classics~

Dolly Parton Concert

Her voice is as strong and pure as it ever has been!  She did several acapella numbers that blew my mind...and she looked great doing them all

Dolly Parton Concert

So what does Dolly Parton have to do with books and reading???  Well, did you know that through her Imagination Library, Dolly Parton has given away more than 60,000,000 books to children to get them on the right start towards literacy?!?!  That's a lot of books!

The Imagination Library was inspired by Dolly's dad, Lee Parker.  She talked about her 'Momma and Daddy' a lot throughout the whole concert.  And even though her dad wasn't able to read or write she still thinks of him as one of the smartest men she ever knew.

You can learn more about the Imagination Library HERE~

And did you also know, Dolly Parton isn't just an incredible singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and philanthropist...she's also a writer!!

Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You

This book is definitely going on my Christmas List!

Are you a Dolly fan?  Leave a comment below!

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