Friday, July 15, 2016

Telling the Bees

Telling the Bees - Peggy Hesketh
While we're looking at books that revere that natural world (Signature of All Things), I thought it would be a good time to tell you about this little gem.

Summary (Via Albert Honig spends much of his time in solitude, his daily routine shaped by the almost mystical attention he quietly lavishes on his bees. Into his tightly repressed existence bursts a brash young neighbour, whose vivacity and boldness begin to transform his life. 

Yet years pass by, feelings are repressed, opportunities missed. Until one day - led by a trail of bees - Albert discovers her body and is plunged back into his memories, where he must finally confront the lies and secrets that led to their estrangement. In doing so he unearths the truth of Claire’s murder – a question not so much of who but why.


Review (4/5 Stars):  I'm so glad that I listened to the audio version of this book rather than read it, as I'm fairly certain I would've skimmed right over all of the 'bee' details. All of that information is important to the story though. The relationship been Albert and not only his neighbours, but everyone around him, mimics the bees and how he see's his small world.

Although the story was slow in many places, in the end it comes across as more thoughtful than anything else. I loved the little plot twist near the end, giving the readers a small reward for seeing it through right up to the final pages.

This is not a book to rush through or read bits of while on the beach. Take your time and soak up the honey in each page and you'll be glad you did.

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