Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Free E-Books

If you like to read up and coming new authors for FREE, check out is a great book blog run by a woman named Inspired Kathy.  She receives so many requests to review books that she can't fulfill, that she shares the love!

Just click on the E-Books for Review link and you'll be taken directly to a list of books that are available on Kathy's secondary blog: EbooksforReview.

All you have to do is read the book by a deadline (always very reasonable), and provide a review on at least two platforms.  In my experience so far, the books have been great!

You get to choose which books, so if the latest list isn't in your preferred genre just wait until next month, something interesting is sure to pop up.

Kathy will send you a link to your new free book and a form to fill out when you've completed your reviews.  Couldn't be easier.

These are the books currently available:

Head on over to to read the summaries.  I think all 3 sound like great stories!

Do you have any sources for free books that you want to share?  Leave a comment below~

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