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Worst Date Ever: Book Review

Worse Date Ever Book Review, Fav Book
One of my very favourite books!
Summary (via Goodreads)When scriptwriter Jane Bussmann ("South Park, The Fast Show, Brass Eye" and "Smack the Pony") moved to Hollywood, it was supposed to be the start of something better. But a day job interviewing Paris, Britney and Co. left her trapped in the Golden Age of Stupid. 

Then she saw a photograph of John Prendergast in "Vanity Fair." His day job was ending war. He was also extremely attractive. Jane 'may have inferred she was a Foreign Correspondent', because suddenly she found herself on route to Africa on the trail of this modern-day Indiana Jones. 

There was one problem: when she got to Uganda John had left. Alone in a war-torn country, appalled by 25,000 child abductions, Jane must investigate the war crime of the century - to make John fancy her.

This is how I remember Uganda - Photo Source
Review: I bought this book for next to nothing at a second hand shop so that I could leave it behind while I was travelling in Thailand but, I enjoyed it so much that it was actually quite hard for me to let it go.  

I thought it would be just a funny and easy read. And it is that...even though it's about the war in Uganda. I never would have thought that someone could write such an entertaining book about something so serious, but Jane Bussmann did it.

She doesn't poke fun at the war or the insanity of so much of what is happening there, no one could pull that off.  What she makes fun of is herself and her own ignorance and the ludicrousness of so many other things. She shows us how caught up our society is in things that are completely pointless and useless. While chasing down a totally hot peacemaker across the globe, she transforms from a celebrity gossip writer in L.A into a real life war journalist in Africa. What's really crazy is that this is all based on her real life, it's not fiction!

The best scene has to be when she finally gets her "date" with the hot peacemaker and goes on the hunt for lip plumping serum in Gulu, Uganda. I was actually laughing out loud while reading it.

I've been to Uganda myself and it holds a very special place in my heart.  It's a lush, beautiful country with amazing people who have survived more than any of us could ever imagine.  As entertaining as this book is, it's also educational.  I love this book and I know you will too!

Learn more about the real John Pendergast and the Enough Project HERE!
You can sample Jane Bussman's novel here  or you just trust me, just go for it, and purchase it at the Book Depository (free shipping!)~

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